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Hail Mary Kay, full of grace and fair of face!

I’ll restrain myself from bursting forth to a hymn of love for Mary Kay (it is the choir’s day off after all, and the stage is fully booked for the next two weeks) but, you know what?

This is a beauty company that deserves a hymn of praise, by a choir of perfectly made-up angels, wearing Paradise Pink lipstick, naturally.

It’s not only the stunning high quality of products – but if you’re curious check out our Timewise Microdermabrasion kit for a unique Mother’s Day gift of satin skin.

What a Mary Kay business offers you is the flexibility to set your own schedule, alongside the career with sisterhood support.

A sisterhood that rewards you with so much more than a profit share.

Travel experiences, luxury goods, diamond jewellery and to a car, to name but a few of the rewards you can achieve.

All the while working in a company which is built around making women feel good about themselves.

Did I mention that you get to enjoy yourself, at work of all places?

Who else can offer you a business like this?
Only Mary Kay.
If you are ready to join this sisterhood, contact me.