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Woohoo! It’s Mother’s Day!

Time to get your skates on!

You need to find the perfect gift that signifies what your Mum means to you.

Chop chop, get to it!

If you’re struggling for an idea, here is how I would help you.

Imagine our conversation:

Me: So, what are you treating your mum to this Mother’s Day? Something special?

You: Maybe an iron? Haha!

Me: Dangerous, it is likely to get launched at you. After being switched on and set to linen.

You: Vouchers?

Me: Kind of unimaginative.

You: Flowers then! Everyone loves flowers, and I’ll get a plant, so you can’t say ‘flowers die’. She’ll love it. It will look smashing in the living room.

Me: *takes a moment to admire her diamond ring, a Mary Kay reward* If you get her a Mary Kay Business she could grow her own diamonds. A potted rose bush can’t do that, and at £29 (for the sample size kit plus £5 delivery) it costs about the same…Though I recommend the £99 starter kit as you get full sized items, which are alone worth £200.

You: *Awed silence*.

You: I’d like her to open something on the day though…

Me: The Timewise Microdermabrasion kit is a unique option, lasts ages, makes skin look like satin and makes make-up look sublime. I can even wrap it for you.

You: *Smugly smiling* Do you take card? No one else will have gotten her a business and a present! I’ll win the ‘Best Gift’ category this year!!

If you would like to impress your Mum this year contact me to purchase a Mary Kay business.