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Well, the former is probably quite invigorating (but watch out for ants and for nettle patches) but a Mary Kay business will give you freedom in the realistic sense. And it is the winter friendly option.

It is the 21st century, so you probably work a 9-5 with a family you adore and a gym membership that mocks you as you never get enough time to visit and work out. Or catch a matinee movie…

It is time to shimmy out of the 9-5 shackles! (Or, if you’re honest, the 8-6 shackles…)

Mary Kay gives you the flexibility of a yoga master. Working hour’s flexibility, that is, we can’t help you touch your toes but with a Mary Kay business you’ll certainly have the flexible schedule necessary to stretch yourself at an actual yoga studio.If you want.

Work as much as you like, for little as you like. How far you take your Mary Kay business, is entirely up to you.
If you fancy:

Enjoying your work day while making women feel beautiful and enjoy taking care of themselves, without the stress of rigid hours or office politics.
Getting to the gym daily.
Being at home when your kids get home from school.

You’ll be the boss, honey.
So, do you still want to run through that field in the buff, dodging ants and nettle patches, or would you rather enjoy your life without restrictions?
If you are ready to shimmy out of the restrictions of your current 9-5, get in touch and let’s get you on the road to freedom.