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I am always talking about how wonderful Mary Kay is to work for, but why not hear about what it is like starting out with Mary Kay as a new recruit? Shamim Davidson, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant shares what it is like.
1. What were you doing with your career before you joined Mary Kay?I used to work for Sunderland Council, Education Department, I am a qualified Teacher. Left my job as was relocating to Edinburgh June of last year.

2. What made you decide that you needed a change in your career?

I have always had an interest in Cosmetics, Skincare and the fashion industry. Having had no success applying for mainstream jobs since moving to Edinburgh I decided upon a career change, and thought why not do something different and follow my hobbies and interest which is make-up and try and make a career out of it!? So I initially enrolled at Edinburgh college to do a make-up and fashion photography course with a view to doing Make-up Artistry.

3. Why Mary Kay? And why choose Erica over other Mary Kay directors?

As I was studying Make-up Artistry at college I visited a Beauty fayre in Edinburgh (Pout) where Mary Kay had a stall and Erica was present. I had heard of Mary Kay whilst in Sunderland…and now I had the opportunity to find out more about the company and the products.

Erica had taken my details at Pout and got back in touch with me. She offered me a complimentary skincare and makeover appointment. When we met I was impressed with the quality of the products and what Mary Kay had to offer. Erica was very professional and such a fun person. I felt we had a good rapport and she was very easy to talk to. Also the chance to set up my own business and a new change of direction was an exciting opportunity!

4. What has been the most ‘Oh My Goodness’ moment for you so far? Was it giving your first presentation for example?

My first “oh my goodness moment” was when I did a skincare and makeover for a lady, who I had asked to model for me for practice purposes. She loved everything we tried and was getting married soon. She asked me if I would do her bridal make-up, using Mary Kay and she wanted to buy all the products we tried!
I had not slept the previous night, I was nervous as I had never done anything like this before. Also the client was coming with her friend who had modelled for a well know brand in the in the past and wanted to watch how I did the make-up!!! Talk about pressure 😉

5. What are your goals for your career with Mary Kay?

Initially to establish my Mary Kay business. To make additional income to support my son’s education and to be able to treat my family. To work with people and communities to raise awareness and profile of Mary Kay and how fabulous the products are and share the Mary Kay opportunity with others.

6. What advice would you give someone who is considering a Mary Kay career?

To contact a Mary Kay consultant or director in their area. To meet up and talk about the Mary Kay opportunity, try and test products for yourself. Take your time, do your research. Talk to friends family, who will support your ideas with your new career. My advise would be “you only live once, what have you got to lose by trying?” If you don’t try you will never know, what you might have achieved. Plus it so much fun if you enjoy talking to people about skincare and make-up it’s really enjoyable.

7. What do you enjoy the most with Mary Kay?

Meeting new people. Playing with Make-up! And having a laugh whilst making some money at the same time.