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When did ambition turn into a byword for working six to seven days a week, with eighteen hour days, no personal life to speak of and to fall asleep in front of the TV as you try to catch up on the episodes of The Voice as you spill lukewarm hot chocolate down your Onesie? Sound horribly familiar? Ambition, with Mary Kay, means having dreams and the desire and drive and self-belief to achieve them.
Britons work on average 1647 hours a year (source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18144319) and shouldn’t you enjoy the hours that you work? Not be exhausted by it? In my post last month: ‘True Freedom, is it running naked in a field or choosing your own schedule’ I shared how a Mary Kay business can offer true flexibility around your commitments. This month I must share with you about how your ambition is not only recognised, but rewarded with Mary Kay.
Jewellery, handbags, foreign travel, the rewards with Mary Kay go as far as a Mercedes (nothing but the best for those with the drive to succeed, I think you’ll agree).
That is what success should bring you. Recognition and rewards for work that changes women’s lives for the better while you enjoy working every single day.
If your latest promotion has only brought you a small pay bump, a massive stack of new paperwork and a steaming mug of stress, why not contact me and let your ambition mean rewards, not exhaustion. Contact me here