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There is a perception that going into business for yourself involves leaving your inherent kindness, manners and grace in the hall table, in the junk drawer, with the dead batteries, takeaway menus and those old pesetas from that Spanish holiday you took in ’95. You don’t need these qualities in pursuit of profit is what many women believe.

You could not be more mistaken.

Your kindness, your manners, your charm and your grace are desperately needed in business.

Whether you set up a Mary Kay business or any other kind of business, grace in business is an essential element.
At Mary Kay, we do not badmouth the competition and we refuse to pressure our clients into buying products that they don’t feel 100% comfortable with.

Frankly, when you’re in the business of making women feel good about themselves, with fabulous quality products, you don’t need to behave in such a manner.

This is why Mary Kay has been so incredibly successful as a business with our Independent Beauty Consultants and our beloved clients: Everyone gets to feel good.

Business needn’t be a dog-eat-dog exercise that makes you feel uncomfortable. A business with Mary Kay brings joy, rewarding you as you make other women feel fantastic.

At Mary Kay, we’ve never done ‘business as usual,’ it is the key to our success, and it could be the key to your own.
From the moment, you begin your career with Mary Kay you enjoy the support of your peers, are rewarded for your efforts and make others happy. It couldn’t be farther from the dog-eat-dog stereotype of the business world.

What stereotype has put you off from setting up your own business?
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