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Why cant business be fun?

Who said business has to be dull?

Who said that business had to be boring?

Who said that if you wanted to be in business, you would never crack a joke, far less a smile at silly dog GIF?

Who said that you can’t have fun when you’re in business?

You can mix professionalism with humour, with everything pink (as with a Mary Kay business) while making great money while having a fabulous time.

The image that business is only for stuffy humourless individuals is dying out in all industries the world over. Thankfully it was never part of a Mary Kay business.

This is due to the very nature of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and the special job they do.
Going into women’s homes, teaching them and their friends how to make themselves look wonderful with Mary Kay make-up and skincare products requires someone to be friendly and fun.

It wouldn’t work if you were a humourless bore.

Who could enjoy the Mary Kay experience like that?
Who could learn how to make themselves feel beautiful from someone like that?
Who would like to work like that?

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants need to have a sense of humour, a love of fun and zest for life.

Many of my clients become my friends because they have fun with me.
It is still a business, still run professionally but with added joy.
If you are sick of the eye-watering dull corporate grind, where you can’t enjoy your job, you need to contact me and make the change to working in your own Mary Kay business.