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1. What were you doing with your career before you joined Mary Kay?

I had 5 part-time jobs when I started doing Mary Kay. I did not intend to work my Mary Kay business, I fell into it by accident, selling £100 of products on the day my Starter Kit arrived. When this happened I was just starting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course, so thought this could fund my course.

2. You were a customer with Mary Kay for ten years, what made you switch to selling Mary Kay?

I got divorced, and my financial situation changed. I loved the Skincare so much, but could not afford to buy it, so I joined to get the discount, so I could carry on loving Mary Kay

3. How did you grow your Mary Kay career alongside your other jobs?

Easy, everyone I met was asked to try the products. If they have skin, and breathe, they are a potential customer!

4. At what moment did you realise that you could do this full time?

Absolutely not, I thought this would keep me going for 6 months and fund my course!

5. What has been the most ‘Oh My Goodness’ moment for you so far?

The year before I was Queen of Sales. I was at one of our seminars in London, and watched Martina Quinlan be crowned Queen of Sales. She told us how she did it, just doing classes, putting on products and selling them, and I watched her and thought. Oh My Goodness! I can do this! I went back home, started a challenge, 100 faces in 100 days, and that year I became Queen of Sales, and received the Diamond Bumble Bee.

6. What are your future goals with Mary Kay?

I would like to share my job, with as many people as possible. As a Consultant, we give our job to others, and we become Senior Consultants, then we do that again 28 times and become Directors. I am now a Director and would like to make someone else a Director and become a Senior Director, as many times until I become a National Sales Director.

I would like as many people as possible to be as successful as me, run their own business from home, be their own boss, make their own plans, their own schedule, win diamonds, drive a Mary Kay car, have the flexibility and freedom that self-employment gives you.

7. What advice would you give someone who is considering a Mary Kay career?

Just do it! You will not know what fun it is until you are in it. The start up is not expensive, £99 and you can dip your toe in the water.

8. What do you enjoy the most with Mary Kay?

The wonderful, inspirational and motivational people I meet on a daily basis, the friends I have made, the laughter we share. We have a very selfish job, everyone we meet always leaves us feeling better and looking better. We are very privileged.

9. What is the most important quality recruits need for success with Mary Kay?

Enthusiasm and a spirit of sharing.

10. What kind of recruits are you looking for?

Mary Kay consultants come in all sizes, all shapes, all colours, all denominations – yet we are all Mary Kay consultants. If you are enthusiastic, have dreams and want to achieve goals, are willing to share and spend time having fun and making people look good and feel better, then this is the job for you!