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I love the career I have created with Mary Kay.

The rewards I‘ve received, the experiences I’ve enjoyed and the friendships I have made working with wonderful clients every day has created the most fabulous job I could ever have wished for.
There is negativity on the Internet about Mary Kay careers; it is time to speak up against it.

So much of the negativity is of a similar vein:
‘Mary Kay takes advantage of women, duping them into buying products they can’t sell.’
In a nutshell: No.
That does not happen.

Those who don’t succeed with a Mary Kay business are unlikely to succeed with any business.
Because any successful business depends on you going out, talking to people and selling.
A Mary Kay business offers you unparalleled support and training that you can’t get anywhere else in the self-employed sphere.
Your success hinges on you.

You can’t buy products and expect people to wander into your house and buy them on the off chance.
A pretty Facebook page advertising your services is not enough.

You need to approach people.

You need to go out and put products on faces and make women feel good about themselves.
It’s not like working for someone else. You can’t slack off and wait for a sale to fall in your lap or wait for someone to tell you to go and sell something.

You need to have self-motivation, that drive to succeed.
If you have that, you will succeed with a Mary Kay business or any business (but the rewards with Mary Kay are particularly impressive).
It’s not Mary Kay that duped those people, they duped themselves into thinking clients will come to them, when it is the other way round.
If you think you have the self-motivation to succeed, get in touch with me and start your Mary Kay career.