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Urgh. Don’t you just hate that tight feeling on your skin? So uncomfortable, and unsightly when you want to apply make-up.

Often, if you have dehydrated skin, finding the best moisturiser is tricky because dehydrated skin is NOT the same as dry skin. For example, with dehydrated skin, you could be religiously be applying moisturiser meant for dry skin but you still have that tight, uncomfortable feeling.

This is because you don’t have the correct product.

Dehydrated skin looks best just out the shower or bath (as it is hydrated) whereas dry skin will not be at its best.
What are your options then? Keep a continually wet face? Your eye make-up will look a lot like Alice Cooper’s rather quickly.
As always, Mary Kay leads the way.
Properly cleansing your face is always non-negotiable, I do love the Timewise 3 in 1 cleanser for bringing back radiance. Used alongside the Timewise moisturisers or the Botanical Effects Hydrate moisturiser is perfect for hydrating your precious skin, without clogging your pores.
Next stage, get ready for epic hydration, and a big dose of pampering with the Timewise Hydrating Gel Mask.
As well as the excellent Mary Kay products, your dehydrated skin needs lots of water, 8 glasses daily!!! (Tea and coffee don’t count when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated unfortunately! 😉

If you want to find out what products will really work for your skin, why not contact me to arrange a presentation?