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Do you get to enjoy work this much?

In my post ‘Ambition shouldn’t mean Exhaustion’ I discussed how ambition should be rewarded not with exhaustion, but with recognition and rewards.

Corporate employment offers exhaustion, stress and FAR too often, in my opinion, a total lack of fun.

How many times did you laugh today at work? Once? Twice?
Having fun at work, laughing at work, enjoying yourself is often viewed as ‘slacking off’ by the higher ups: ‘They can’t enjoy themselves; they’ve got to focus on the paperwork, this is a serious task. Turn off that radio, concentrate!’


It is a pity that so many workplaces are run from a place of stress and tedium instead of joy.
Thankfully, at Mary Kay you need to enjoy yourself at work.
It is practically an essential requirement.
Working as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay you make women feel good about themselves with fabulous beauty products, which in itself is wonderful but it is also about making sure women enjoy themselves at your presentations. So that they enjoy the Mary Kay experience and realise that they deserve to feel beautiful.
That hinges on you, your humour, your charm, your sense of fun and joy.
Nobody wants to have a super serious presentation to teach them about the latest make-up looks!
If you’re sick of squashing your sense of humor.
If you’re sick of tedious days.
If you’re ready to enjoy your career, where laughing and having fun is encouraged you owe it to yourself to start your career with Mary Kay. Go on! Contact me!