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mary kay, bridal beauty

Going to the chapel, going to get married

It is summer.
A time for graduations, jetting off on holiday and GETTING MARRIED.

Your wedding day is a day when you WILL be the focus of attention and every bride, no matter what your style, you want to look jaw dropping sigh inducing stunning.
They want their groom blown away by how beautiful they look and they want all their friends to be rather jealous of how gorgeous they are on their particular day.

Quite frankly, it is not too much to ask. It IS your day after all.

Many brides forgo getting their make-up done by a beauty consultant. Instead, they buy all new make-up and create their bridal look themselves, think they’re saving money. Or it is because they don’t want to go to a department store beauty counter and get their make-up done in front of EVERYBODY on their big day (it is the antithesis of glamorous pampering)

I’m going to be a 100% honest with you. That might seem as a saving, but if you book a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you get the very best of both worlds.
A highly trained beauty consultant like myself can make you look STUNNING on your big day alongside all your newly bought products. You needn’t choose between a beauty professional, and new make-up-you can have both.
Bridal beauty hinges on having beautiful skin-read my Glowing Skin Recipe post’ to learn about every single thing you must do to get that glowing complexion perfection.

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Do you want to have your make-up done in preparation for an event? In the comfort of your own home?
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