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Truer words never spoken

The phrase every mother loathes, as if choosing to work is a toss up between guilt about missing your children and never quite being able to give your career the focus it needs to grow because you’re worried about your children. It suggests that if you are a working mother you are in a ‘lose/ lose’ scenario.

Yet, why do you need suffer the ‘plight of working mothers?’ Can’t you simply be a woman, a mother with an absolutely fabulous career you love that brings you joy and good money? A career where you can achieve your potential? A win/ win situation instead of lose/ lose.
The number of working mothers in the workplace has grown by a fifth, up by 800,000 since 1996 to 5.3 million women working with dependent children. (source http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/10333890/Working-mothers-rise-by-a-fifth-in-a-generation.html)

More and more women want to work while having dependent children-for any number of reasons, financial or personal. While it is a struggle juggling the demands of motherhood and a career-you’re never ‘off the clock.’ If you choose a flexible career, one that lets you factor in childcare (or lets you take care of your children, without having to pay anyone or call in favours.) you can dodge the ‘plight’ quite well.

A career with Mary Kay provides exactly that. The win/ win solution.

You decide what hours you work-if you can only fit in two hours a week when the kids are at their grandparents – then that’s your choice to work on your Mary Kay Business then. Without having a Line Manager breathing down your neck about productivity.

You can work the hours the children are at school, and take the summer off – without the grumbling of dissent amongst your co-workers that you get to leave work ‘early’ in all through July while they have to work.
It’s your business; you set the rules; you set the hours; you set your progression.
If you are a mother, (or not) and you want a fun flexible career that makes you great money and makes customers feel beautiful, contact me about starting a career with Mary Kay.