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Contouring really isn’t so difficult.

It is impossible not to notice that contouring is a big hit in the world of beauty right now.
And, it has every reason to be.

Who doesn’t want their face looking all kinds of gorgeous. Cheekbones defined and alluring but without looking like you are wearing a mask of make-up?

It is a beautiful make-up look that suits all skin tones, face shapes and all ages.

There are countless amazing tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, but I have noticed something.
Why does it need to take so long to contour your face?

It does not need to take 15, 20 or even 25 minutes to contour your face – it’s a tiny area in reality.
All you are doing is accentuating where shadows naturally fall on your face.
It’s not rocket science or art sweetheart – it’s a fantastic make-up trick that bring out your cheekbones.
It doesn’t require a huge haul of products either.

To contour well, you do need good make-up brushes (but that goes for all make-up application).
I always recommend the Mary Kay brushes – even if you don’t use Mary Kay cosmetics, the brushes are fantastic quality, are incredibly long lasting and make an incredible difference to your make-up.
To contour, you need a highlighter and bronzer. That’s it.

After cleansing and moisturising your face, apply your preferred foundation (or feel free to skip it entirely for a lighter make-up look).

Apply the bronzer to your face, starting slightly underneath your cheekbone sweep up to your brow bone, back to your cheekbone and sweep along your jawline as if tracing the shape of a number three on your cheek.
Next, apply highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, and brown done.
I like to finish the look off with lashing of mascara for a very pretty feminine look.