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If it lets you achieve what you want in life, a second job is always worth it.

You have probably heard about the cost of living crisis going on in the media currently (and if you haven’t, you must have had your head in a bucket of treacle.)
Many wages can’t keep up with the increasing costs of living: prices of things like food and energy continue to rise while wages currently remain stagnant.
You have two options; you can either tighten your belt, borrow money if you’re desperate or get a second job.
Many women are getting second jobs in the current economic climate: but who says that it has to be a ‘rubbish’ job.

A job that you loathe, but need to pay the bills.

I started my Mary Kay business when I was going through my divorce and taking a TEFL course – I had six jobs at the time, so I know what it is like to juggle many different jobs to make ends meet.

In the ten years since I first started, my Mary Kay business became my only job, my true calling and the most rewarding career I could ever wish for.
You can choose to start a Mary Kay business from as little as £29 investment (for the sample size kit) or £99 for a full size kit (with £200 worth of full size products).
The thing is, unlike minimum wage casual work (what most people assume is only available as a second job) you could start a Mary Kay business instead. One where you earn 40% in profit, with many rewards  and sisterhood support 

I have been in your shoes; you will succeed.

Don’t delay, contact me if you have any questions about setting your own business.

Another fantastic resource is Business Gateway http://www.bgateway.com/
If you would rather test the water with a second job before you set up a business, check out this link http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1638633
Remember, you still must pay tax on a second job