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It doesn’t need to be this way. (Image source unknown)

Many many mature students work, and it is a brilliant thing to do while you are studying. It keeps you from worrying too much about your finances, allowing you to focus on your studies. All great things.

Many choose to study while keeping their full-time job, the only downside being how much longer it takes to complete your degree.

Or you might choose to take on flexible work. It’s just a pity that the flexible work can be so poorly paid, such as working in bars, cafes or shops when there are other options.

Options that don’t involve participating in medical research trials.

Setting up a small business while you study is a way to dodge tedious unskilled minimum wage jobs. Jobs that suck up all your free time and energy, and develop business skills (which are useful in ALL walks of life). Plus, you always make more money working for yourself than working for others.
This advice applies especially to mature or returning students; you don’t have to live an exhausting cycle of work/study/sleep repeat for four years.
Setting up your own business doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming: all you need is the ability to sell your service or product.

For example, if you set up a Mary Kay business the average wage works out at £20 per hour. Minimum wage is, at the time of writing £6.31. It will take you 3.5 hours to make the equivalent amount of money working behind a shop till. (Did you know that I set my business to pay for a course I was studying for, and it became my career!)
Or dog walking, that is on average £12-25 per hour (though you must have insurance).
Or private catering if you are a good cook, though you will require insurance and food hygiene certificates.
Or cleaning pays on average £9 and £10.
Wherever your strengths lie, be it beauty or walking dogs, having your own business is more financially rewarding than working for someone else. Always has, always will be.
If you’re curious to find out if a Mary Kay business would be the right fit for you, contact me here.