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Truer words never spoken

What happens after you’ve taken say a five-year break from your original career to raise your children, and you want to try something COMPLETELY different?

So many women wrongly feel that their professional skills have atrophied since they chose to stay at home looking after their children. That at best you’ll be stuck doing what they did before, perhaps at a slightly less senior position, because now you must have the option of flexibility.
That could not be further from the truth.
You’ve SO many options.
There’s the Open University- so flexible with such a vast range of courses; perhaps this is the perfect way to retrain around your responsibilities? http://www.open.ac.uk/

There is always the option of volunteering in your preferred area to gain insight or understanding of what it would actually be like to work in a new field, just by dipping your toe in so that you have little risk and commitment . Check out http://www.volunteerscotland.net/

Setting up a Mary Kay business is an excellent way of learning new skills. There are so much training and support for you! Plus the sheer fun that comes with meeting new people and teaching women how to look after their skin and earn great money into the bargain. A Mary Kay business is a fantastic low-risk way to start your journey into self-employment.

What are you considering for your career post-house wife?

Are you ready for a career change? Are you curious about starting a Mary Kay business?

Get in touch with me, I can help advise you if a Mary Kay business is right for you.