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Being in debt can be one of the most unpleasant and terrifying experiences for anyone, of any age.
Worrying about how you’ll make the payments on your cards AND make your mortgage payments and pay the bills can cause untold mental anguish.
If you are in debt, you must speak to someone about your finances and take back control.


You must speak to a financial expert to get out of debt.

Once you have spoken to a financial expert, set up a realistic payment plan and taken control of your budget so that you are not going to over spend again, what else can you do to get out of debt quicker?

You can go hell for the leather for that promotion at work, take on a second job if that helps you pay off your debt sooner.

Setting up a small flexible business would be more financially rewarding and easier to fit around your existing commitments and help you pay off your debt quicker.
However, you must be diligent at keeping the money earned from your business separate from the rest of your income to direct entirely towards the debt and, you have to pay tax on your earnings.

Business Ideas

An easy way to choose to set a small business is to work with your strengths and try to help people.
If you are a neat freak, you can offer to organise people’s home or set up a cleaning business, if you love dogs you could set up a dog walking service (but you will need insurance).
Having set up my own Mary Kay business, I found it the best, most enjoyable way of earning extra income because there is SO much support and training, something that isn’t common when you are setting up your own business. If you think a Mary Kay business would be right for you, contact me, and I can share with you all that is involved in setting up your own Mary Kay business.
What are your experiences?
Did you take on extra work or did you set up a small business to help you get out of debt?
What worked for you?