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The vicious cycle of trying to break into your first job. (image source unknown)

I don’t think it has ever been more difficult to get a job right now as a young person , between April-June 2014 767, 000 where unemployed (source http://www.ons.gov.uk).

It can turn into a vicious cycle, can’t get a job as you have no experience, but you can’t get experience until you have a job.
You have options: either wait it out and take whatever job you are offered because you’re desperate or set up your own business.

Unsurprisingly more young people than ever before are setting up businesses according to the Princes Trust , and it looks set to rise.
You’ll get further ahead in your career, if you find ways to make your opportunities like SuperJam founder Fraser Doherty who set up his jam making business while still in high school!
You can visit the Princes Trust for more information on how they can help you setup a business and Business Gateway are there to help you make your first business success.

If you don’t feel ready to make the big leap into your own business, or want to learn about running your own business while learning about beauty a Mary Kay business might be the right choice for you. It provides you with support, training, rewards and a lot of fun as you learn and grow into your new role as business owner.

You aren’t too young at 18 to be setting up your own business (and earning real money into the bargain.)
Do you have a burning business idea you’re keen to get off the ground? What is stopping you from taking the first step to setting up a business?