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It can be like this. (image source unknown)


It’s all too common experience during this recession. Redundancy.

Being made redundant can be overwhelming, the worries about money, finding another job before your redundancy pay runs out can take its toll on you emotionally, spiritually and even physically in terms of stress and anxiety.

Unsurprisingly, given how competitive the job market still is even as the country drags its way out of recession, many who have been made redundant choose to take a chance and jump into self-employment and set up a business.

Redundancy can be a chance to change careers, to do something entirely different without any of the hassles of deciding to leave your day job.

The question is, with so many businesses that fail in the first year (and failure never kills anyone) how do you make a low-risk start into setting up your own business: one that doesn’t involve spending ALL your redundancy pay?

Well, there are the classic options such as:

Volunteering in the field you’d like to work: taking a chance to see if it will be the right fit for you.

Create a portfolio: if you want to set yourself up as a service provider, do ten projects for free and track the results your work brings, following up thereafter.

You can pursue a new field of study

Or, you can choose a Mary Kay career, where you can start off your own business from as little as £29 (for the sample size case) or commit completely with the £100 kit (with £200 worth of full-size products). Full training and support is provided as you grow into your role as Independent Beauty Consultant.

Have you been made redundant and are deciding on a total career change? What do you want to do? If your own Mary Kay business sounds like it might be a good fit for you check out my posts here: