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Retirement can be such an exciting time.
Finally, you have the time and the freedom to do exactly what you want.
Spend the quality time you want with your family, your children and your grandchildren.
Go on a long, long holiday to Cornwall for the entire summer (or anywhere else you fancy!)
At last your time is all yours to do with what you want.
What if you miss working though? Maybe not the long hours, or the tedious paperwork or your boss but do you miss the camaraderie of your colleagues? That feeling you have when you leave work, and you know you’ve made a difference, however small, you achieved something.

It’s normal to miss that, or to feel slightly lost without your career.
Who says you need to end your career, only because you’re retired?
Retirees have an abundance of skills needed on the job market today,

But personally why should you work for someone else when you have the experience and capabilities to set up your own business? I like to think of retirement as a chance to stop working for someone else and start working for you. If your only reason is financial, you will make more money working for yourself rather than anyone else, and you can maintain all the perks of retirement like freedom and flexibility with your own business.


If you aren’t ready to go it alone entirely, a Mary Kay business might the right option for you as full training and support is given (and with incredibly low start up cost of £100 for the full size kit there isn’t an easier way to set up your own business.)
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