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I am always talking about how having your own business is a way to freedom and success.
How your efforts always benefit you.
If you’ve been considering going into business, you might be worrying yourself about how to sell with confidence.

You don’t want to be pushy, but friendly warm and above all confident.

Often in my industry, direct marketing (in any sphere) many people will complain that their friend’s new direct marketing business is ruining their friendship, that their friend is now regularly selling to them.

This always smacks of a total lack of confidence to me.

Your friends are a safe market to sell to, you already know them and feel comfortable talking to them. If you only plan on selling to your friends, your business will fail.
It doesn’t matter if you are in direct marketing, a graphic designer or a personal trainer you will not make enough money selling to your friends.

If selling makes you nervous, if talking to strangers makes you start to sweat I strongly recommend you volunteer in the shop for your favourite charity so that you get comfortable talking to strangers: as your success hinges upon that skill.

Tips on selling:
1. Listen. Give the client what they want.
2. Use your friends as ‘word of mouth’.
3. Go to events where people are looking for your services: not events about your industry alone.
4. Ask questions so you can serve them better.
5. Be friendly.
6. Approach new people. For example, in my career with Mary Kay I took part in the 100 faces, 100 days Challenge and it changed my business forever.

Confidence is what separates your dream from reality, and it can be learned.
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