Calling all Mature students: Studying and working.


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It doesn’t need to be this way. (Image source unknown)

Many many mature students work, and it is a brilliant thing to do while you are studying. It keeps you from worrying too much about your finances, allowing you to focus on your studies. All great things.

Many choose to study while keeping their full-time job, the only downside being how much longer it takes to complete your degree.

Or you might choose to take on flexible work. It’s just a pity that the flexible work can be so poorly paid, such as working in bars, cafes or shops when there are other options.

Options that don’t involve participating in medical research trials.

Setting up a small business while you study is a way to dodge tedious unskilled minimum wage jobs. Jobs that suck up all your free time and energy, and develop business skills (which are useful in ALL walks of life). Plus, you always make more money working for yourself than working for others.
This advice applies especially to mature or returning students; you don’t have to live an exhausting cycle of work/study/sleep repeat for four years.
Setting up your own business doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming: all you need is the ability to sell your service or product.

For example, if you set up a Mary Kay business the average wage works out at £20 per hour. Minimum wage is, at the time of writing £6.31. It will take you 3.5 hours to make the equivalent amount of money working behind a shop till. (Did you know that I set my business to pay for a course I was studying for, and it became my career!)
Or dog walking, that is on average £12-25 per hour (though you must have insurance).
Or private catering if you are a good cook, though you will require insurance and food hygiene certificates.
Or cleaning pays on average £9 and £10.
Wherever your strengths lie, be it beauty or walking dogs, having your own business is more financially rewarding than working for someone else. Always has, always will be.
If you’re curious to find out if a Mary Kay business would be the right fit for you, contact me here.


Needing to get a second job?


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If it lets you achieve what you want in life, a second job is always worth it.

You have probably heard about the cost of living crisis going on in the media currently (and if you haven’t, you must have had your head in a bucket of treacle.)
Many wages can’t keep up with the increasing costs of living: prices of things like food and energy continue to rise while wages currently remain stagnant.
You have two options; you can either tighten your belt, borrow money if you’re desperate or get a second job.
Many women are getting second jobs in the current economic climate: but who says that it has to be a ‘rubbish’ job.

A job that you loathe, but need to pay the bills.

I started my Mary Kay business when I was going through my divorce and taking a TEFL course – I had six jobs at the time, so I know what it is like to juggle many different jobs to make ends meet.

In the ten years since I first started, my Mary Kay business became my only job, my true calling and the most rewarding career I could ever wish for.
You can choose to start a Mary Kay business from as little as £29 investment (for the sample size kit) or £99 for a full size kit (with £200 worth of full size products).
The thing is, unlike minimum wage casual work (what most people assume is only available as a second job) you could start a Mary Kay business instead. One where you earn 40% in profit, with many rewards  and sisterhood support 

I have been in your shoes; you will succeed.

Don’t delay, contact me if you have any questions about setting your own business.

Another fantastic resource is Business Gateway
If you would rather test the water with a second job before you set up a business, check out this link
Remember, you still must pay tax on a second job


Contouring, It’s easy with Mary Kay.


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Contouring really isn’t so difficult.

It is impossible not to notice that contouring is a big hit in the world of beauty right now.
And, it has every reason to be.

Who doesn’t want their face looking all kinds of gorgeous. Cheekbones defined and alluring but without looking like you are wearing a mask of make-up?

It is a beautiful make-up look that suits all skin tones, face shapes and all ages.

There are countless amazing tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, but I have noticed something.
Why does it need to take so long to contour your face?

It does not need to take 15, 20 or even 25 minutes to contour your face – it’s a tiny area in reality.
All you are doing is accentuating where shadows naturally fall on your face.
It’s not rocket science or art sweetheart – it’s a fantastic make-up trick that bring out your cheekbones.
It doesn’t require a huge haul of products either.

To contour well, you do need good make-up brushes (but that goes for all make-up application).
I always recommend the Mary Kay brushes – even if you don’t use Mary Kay cosmetics, the brushes are fantastic quality, are incredibly long lasting and make an incredible difference to your make-up.
To contour, you need a highlighter and bronzer. That’s it.

After cleansing and moisturising your face, apply your preferred foundation (or feel free to skip it entirely for a lighter make-up look).

Apply the bronzer to your face, starting slightly underneath your cheekbone sweep up to your brow bone, back to your cheekbone and sweep along your jawline as if tracing the shape of a number three on your cheek.
Next, apply highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, and brown done.
I like to finish the look off with lashing of mascara for a very pretty feminine look.

How to dodge the ‘plight of working mothers’, if you are a working mother.


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Truer words never spoken

The phrase every mother loathes, as if choosing to work is a toss up between guilt about missing your children and never quite being able to give your career the focus it needs to grow because you’re worried about your children. It suggests that if you are a working mother you are in a ‘lose/ lose’ scenario.

Yet, why do you need suffer the ‘plight of working mothers?’ Can’t you simply be a woman, a mother with an absolutely fabulous career you love that brings you joy and good money? A career where you can achieve your potential? A win/ win situation instead of lose/ lose.
The number of working mothers in the workplace has grown by a fifth, up by 800,000 since 1996 to 5.3 million women working with dependent children. (source

More and more women want to work while having dependent children-for any number of reasons, financial or personal. While it is a struggle juggling the demands of motherhood and a career-you’re never ‘off the clock.’ If you choose a flexible career, one that lets you factor in childcare (or lets you take care of your children, without having to pay anyone or call in favours.) you can dodge the ‘plight’ quite well.

A career with Mary Kay provides exactly that. The win/ win solution.

You decide what hours you work-if you can only fit in two hours a week when the kids are at their grandparents – then that’s your choice to work on your Mary Kay Business then. Without having a Line Manager breathing down your neck about productivity.

You can work the hours the children are at school, and take the summer off – without the grumbling of dissent amongst your co-workers that you get to leave work ‘early’ in all through July while they have to work.
It’s your business; you set the rules; you set the hours; you set your progression.
If you are a mother, (or not) and you want a fun flexible career that makes you great money and makes customers feel beautiful, contact me about starting a career with Mary Kay.


Bridal Beauty with Mary Kay


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Going to the chapel, going to get married

It is summer.
A time for graduations, jetting off on holiday and GETTING MARRIED.

Your wedding day is a day when you WILL be the focus of attention and every bride, no matter what your style, you want to look jaw dropping sigh inducing stunning.
They want their groom blown away by how beautiful they look and they want all their friends to be rather jealous of how gorgeous they are on their particular day.

Quite frankly, it is not too much to ask. It IS your day after all.

Many brides forgo getting their make-up done by a beauty consultant. Instead, they buy all new make-up and create their bridal look themselves, think they’re saving money. Or it is because they don’t want to go to a department store beauty counter and get their make-up done in front of EVERYBODY on their big day (it is the antithesis of glamorous pampering)

I’m going to be a 100% honest with you. That might seem as a saving, but if you book a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you get the very best of both worlds.
A highly trained beauty consultant like myself can make you look STUNNING on your big day alongside all your newly bought products. You needn’t choose between a beauty professional, and new make-up-you can have both.
Bridal beauty hinges on having beautiful skin-read my Glowing Skin Recipe post’ to learn about every single thing you must do to get that glowing complexion perfection.

Follow my Pinterest board for some beautiful bridal looks

Do you want to have your make-up done in preparation for an event? In the comfort of your own home?
Contact me!

How can YOU care for your skin and enjoy the sunshine?


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oompa loompe

He is the only person to look good this shade of orange.

Ahhh. Summer.

Sunshine with thunderclouds and heavy rain, but it is a dramatically British summer this year.
But, with the so terribly unpredictable, it is SUPER easy to just forget that you must look after your skin and protect it against the sun. Sunburn is the very least of your problems, with premature ageing of the skin and that fact that skin cancer is extremely high in the UK. In 2010, 100 000 people were diagnosed with skin cancer in the UK (source

That bottle of factor 4 suntan lotion from 2003 will not be any good – you may as well rub mayonnaise onto your skin for all the protection you are giving yourself. I’m not joking; all products have a use-by date between 12 months and 18 months. For if you haven’t used sunscreen since September, having opened a new bottle last May, it’s likely to be past its use-by-date.

To protect your skin and enjoy the sun you must stick the following rules:

  • You absolutely must use a high SPF that offers both UVA and UVB protection.
  • You absolutely must stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm.
  • You absolutely must wear a hat.
  • You must absolutely wear sunglasses.
  • You must absolutely look fabulous whilst doing so.

The NHS recommends using sunscreen SPF15+.
At Mary Kay, our sun-care range starts at SPF 30 and goes all the way up to SPF 50+-we take sun-care very seriously indeed. Water resistant and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes you can enjoy the glorious (if temperamental) British sunshine.

Do you really need a full skincare regime? (YES!)


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You don’t get clear skin like this just by luck.

A full skincare regime, with all the bells and whistles, is something that many women think isn’t worth it.

You understand why you need an excellent cleanser – that 24hr waterproof foundation is not going to come off your face without a fight after all – but most women will finish their skincare with a moisturiser with an essential SPF 15.

Let’s get one thing straight. You deserve  to look after your skin- it’s not selfish to buy an eye-cream, a facial serum and a microdermabrasion set that turns your skin to that of a Disney princess. High quality products like Mary Kay are long lasting, great value for money and make you look and feel amazing.

You deserve to take fabulous care of yourself.

Start with knowing exactly what type of skin you have – know that and you will always get the correct products.

Dry skin tends to be dull and slightly flaky; oily skin will leave an oil smear on a piece of tissue paper and will look shiny all day.

Proper cleansing night and day, toning, moisturising with a high SPF, using a night cream, serum and exfoliating treatments are all the equivalent of putting money away in a skincare pension.

Cleansing, repairing, nourishing, hydrating, preventing and fighting wrinkles is what a full skincare regime offers you.

If you look after your skin with a through skin care routine, it will look after you.

Here are my quick tips to beautiful skin:

  • Use the particular type of Mary Kay products for your skin
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Gently cleanse your skin.
  • Moisturise with a high SPF.
  • Exfoliate.
  • Take care of the fragile skin around your eyes.

Are you still unsure about taking care of your skin? Why not contact me to arrange a skincare presentation for you and your closest friends and find out exactly how beautiful your skin can look.

How often have you laughed today at work?


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Do you get to enjoy work this much?

In my post ‘Ambition shouldn’t mean Exhaustion’ I discussed how ambition should be rewarded not with exhaustion, but with recognition and rewards.

Corporate employment offers exhaustion, stress and FAR too often, in my opinion, a total lack of fun.

How many times did you laugh today at work? Once? Twice?
Having fun at work, laughing at work, enjoying yourself is often viewed as ‘slacking off’ by the higher ups: ‘They can’t enjoy themselves; they’ve got to focus on the paperwork, this is a serious task. Turn off that radio, concentrate!’


It is a pity that so many workplaces are run from a place of stress and tedium instead of joy.
Thankfully, at Mary Kay you need to enjoy yourself at work.
It is practically an essential requirement.
Working as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay you make women feel good about themselves with fabulous beauty products, which in itself is wonderful but it is also about making sure women enjoy themselves at your presentations. So that they enjoy the Mary Kay experience and realise that they deserve to feel beautiful.
That hinges on you, your humour, your charm, your sense of fun and joy.
Nobody wants to have a super serious presentation to teach them about the latest make-up looks!
If you’re sick of squashing your sense of humor.
If you’re sick of tedious days.
If you’re ready to enjoy your career, where laughing and having fun is encouraged you owe it to yourself to start your career with Mary Kay. Go on! Contact me!

Save Your Dehydrated Skin!


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Urgh. Don’t you just hate that tight feeling on your skin? So uncomfortable, and unsightly when you want to apply make-up.

Often, if you have dehydrated skin, finding the best moisturiser is tricky because dehydrated skin is NOT the same as dry skin. For example, with dehydrated skin, you could be religiously be applying moisturiser meant for dry skin but you still have that tight, uncomfortable feeling.

This is because you don’t have the correct product.

Dehydrated skin looks best just out the shower or bath (as it is hydrated) whereas dry skin will not be at its best.
What are your options then? Keep a continually wet face? Your eye make-up will look a lot like Alice Cooper’s rather quickly.
As always, Mary Kay leads the way.
Properly cleansing your face is always non-negotiable, I do love the Timewise 3 in 1 cleanser for bringing back radiance. Used alongside the Timewise moisturisers or the Botanical Effects Hydrate moisturiser is perfect for hydrating your precious skin, without clogging your pores.
Next stage, get ready for epic hydration, and a big dose of pampering with the Timewise Hydrating Gel Mask.
As well as the excellent Mary Kay products, your dehydrated skin needs lots of water, 8 glasses daily!!! (Tea and coffee don’t count when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated unfortunately! 😉

If you want to find out what products will really work for your skin, why not contact me to arrange a presentation?

Crusade for Beauty: A stand against Mary Kay critics


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I love the career I have created with Mary Kay.

The rewards I‘ve received, the experiences I’ve enjoyed and the friendships I have made working with wonderful clients every day has created the most fabulous job I could ever have wished for.
There is negativity on the Internet about Mary Kay careers; it is time to speak up against it.

So much of the negativity is of a similar vein:
‘Mary Kay takes advantage of women, duping them into buying products they can’t sell.’
In a nutshell: No.
That does not happen.

Those who don’t succeed with a Mary Kay business are unlikely to succeed with any business.
Because any successful business depends on you going out, talking to people and selling.
A Mary Kay business offers you unparalleled support and training that you can’t get anywhere else in the self-employed sphere.
Your success hinges on you.

You can’t buy products and expect people to wander into your house and buy them on the off chance.
A pretty Facebook page advertising your services is not enough.

You need to approach people.

You need to go out and put products on faces and make women feel good about themselves.
It’s not like working for someone else. You can’t slack off and wait for a sale to fall in your lap or wait for someone to tell you to go and sell something.

You need to have self-motivation, that drive to succeed.
If you have that, you will succeed with a Mary Kay business or any business (but the rewards with Mary Kay are particularly impressive).
It’s not Mary Kay that duped those people, they duped themselves into thinking clients will come to them, when it is the other way round.
If you think you have the self-motivation to succeed, get in touch with me and start your Mary Kay career.